Project Description

In 2005, the parish of Holy Family began to look into the potential of building a new church and other parish facilities.  The costs would be somewhere around $7 Million.  To help the parish with the feasibility of this plan in 2006, Guidance In Giving, Inc. was hired to run a parish-wide Feasibility Study, to see if there was support for NEW facilities versus a repair and renovation plan.   Due to the costs of a new church and lack of support for an effort so large, focus was placed on a renovation and repair campaign of the existing Church.

Unfortunately, the school roof began to leak and other major needs at the school became an issue and a priority over the church repairs. A plan was formulated but to move forward with a capital campaign to address the school roof, school doors and windows, church tuck pointing, repairs at Holy Cross Cemetery and St. Mary Cemetery, and bathrooms at the church. The parish raised $887,000 for these efforts.

After a successful first campaign, Holy Family parish felt is was time to address the needs of the church building and proceeded with a second capital campaign in early 2016 to raise $750,000.  Included in the campaign was: tuck-pointing the entire building and exterior painting, wood framing and targeted strengthening, complete restoration of stained glass windows, new church roof, interior renovations, and the Feldman Memorial Facility (Bathrooms and Brides Rooms). In all, over $868,000 has been raised to date, which is more than $100,000 over goal.