Project Description

Over the years, Our Lady of Guadalupe had raised over $4 million for their new church, which was an amazing accomplishment. However, the cost of the expansion and renovations was approximately $4.9 million. In order to complete their renovation, the Diocese of Oakland offered them a $1.5 million loan. The loan also included money for air-conditioning in the new church and seed money to begin the conversion of one of their buildings to a multi-use facility.

The “Honoring Mary, Worshiping God…Honrando a Maria, Adoramos a Dios” bilingual campaign was to pay off the part of the loan that they had accepted and begin the renovations. Additionally, they joined all the parishes in support of the projects of the Diocese of Oakland in a diocesan-wide campaign. They embarked on a combined capital campaign with a goal of $1 million to accomplish all of their goals.

Through the successful implementation of a bilingual campaign effort, Our Lady of Guadalupe raised over $1 million dollars in pledges to pay off their church renovations costs and support the Diocesan campaign; ultimately enhancing their current buildings to best serve their parish community. The dedication ceremony of the renovated church was held on December 12, 2014 and was attended by Bishop

Michael Barber of the Diocese of Oakland.