Project Description

St. Bonaventure partnered with Guidance In Giving in order to raise funds for church renovations. The church needs a new foundation as the current floor of the church is sagging because the soil underneath consists of a peat bog and no reinforcement was put under it. The parish’s plan is to strengthen the foundation and the whole building even if the wooden pilings start deteriorating. The second part of the renovation is for a new entrance to the church. Along with the new entrance, the church will now have a new plaza for people to visit and gather. There will also be a large Narthex when you enter the new main doors.

St. Bonaventure already had $3.5 million in savings that would go towards the renovation project, which is projected at $7.9 million. A majority of funds came from donations to the Building Fund, rebates from the Pastoral Services Appeal, and the For Christ Forever Diocesan Campaign. The parish has raised over $2.5 million towards these efforts.