Project Description

Fifteen years ago a capital campaign was conducted to update and upgrade the buildings on St. Leo the Great parish campus. Some, but not all, of the proposed projects were funded or completed. Now, with the additional results of time and use, those unfunded and uncompleted projects, as well as additional projects, had to be addressed immediately. The church building, while receiving routine maintenance and building additions (following the 2000 parish capital campaign), was in need of structural repairs that have not been funded. In addition, with advances in modern technology and building practices, the building needed to be upgraded in several areas to meet new building code requirements. The parish also had a long list of items they wanted to complete to update their other aging buildings. St. Leo’s parish partnered with Guidance In Giving to replace the old heating, air conditioning and ventilation system, to replace stone work, updating the school building, and contribute to replenish their Capital improvement fund, as well as a host of other projects.


The parish community responded generously to the cause, pledging over $2,000,000.