join us for

Beyond Translation

A Guidance In Giving web series that focuses on bilingual communities and
how to best serve them. 

This month’s episode:

“Culturally Challenged”
Thoughts from the outside looking in with
José de Jesús, Elisa González, and José Félix

This month we will discuss our experiences with Spanish speaking parishes and dioceses across the country. Topics will include:

✅  why simply translating materials and documents into Spanish and expecting similar results doesn’t work
✅  the risks of low expectations, and
✅ simple adjustments we can all make to better serve our community

Featuring a live Q&A session:
9/23 at 2:00 PM EST

Currently representing three different regions of the United States, José, Elisa, and José will combine their experiences to provide a current snapshot of fundraising in Hispanic Communities.

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